The dreaded menopause...

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The hormonal changes that women go through during menopause is just horrible, it is one of the worst and difficult times in a woman’s life, and it was the same for me too, I went through HELL during my menopause.

The knee injury that I had sustained while dancing didn’t help my situation, and I got quite depressed as I was putting on weight not only because of my hormones but also due to the lack caused by my injury.

As a dancer and teacher, I have always been very active but the lack of exercise due to my bad knee meant that I didn’t get enough exercise and subsequently didn’t get tired enough to get a good night’s rest.

I suffered from insomnia staying up till late most nights, or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. This bad sleep pattern made me feel constantly fatigued and I was always tired with no energy. The hormonal changes plus lack of exercise, weight gain especially around the midriff, made me feel very low. I thought that my career as a dancer, choreographer and teacher was over, which depressed me further.

But thanks to my loving and supportive husband Madhusudan, who constantly kept encouraging me and giving me the confidence that I would get better and get back to dancing. So finally one fine day I said to myself “Enough is enough, I am not going to let these hormones defeat me. It’s time I stopped wallowing in self sympathy and start doing something about my fitness”.

So I started doing quads exercises and intense workouts to strengthen my body. I would workout everyday and within months my quads and body felt stronger, which helped me get back to my dancing again. I started losing weight, which obviously made me feel healthier, happier and very positive about myself again.

This got me thinking, that there are lot of women out there who could also benefit from these workout sessions. I am sure that are many women who don’t have good support system, to help them deal with the menopausal symptoms and I am sure they must be quite sad, frustrated and fed up. So I decided to start my fitness classes exclusively for women and I’ve made it my mission to try and help as many women as possible, in this journey towards getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

I am sure this will help boost their confidence and make them happier. I want us ladies to help, support, motivate and encourage each other and other women whenever we get an opportunity. Most women spend their entire life working and looking after their families without giving much thought to their own health and wellbeing. I think the one hour that women set aside for themselves when the workout is very precious, and every woman should make time for their wellbeing.

For me the other bonus of conducting these fitness classes is that I’ve got a friend in each and everyone of the ladies in my class, and I look forward to meeting all of them every morning 💕

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